Put the Ox To Work

Ready to buy or sell something on the stock market but don't know what a smart price is? Would you walk into a grocery store and say, "I want to buy potatoes, and I'll pay whatever price someone wants to sell them for!"? No, of course not. But, that is exactly what a Market Order is. StoxOx does historical analysis of a security's price and informs you what price to choose when you create an intelligent Limit Order.

Buying Stocks Or Buying Potatoes: An Analogy

When you go to the grocery store to buy groceries, how do you know what's on sale? Let's say you're buying a sack of potatoes. It's $5. You go to this grocery store every week and you know that, for the last month, potatoes have been $6/bag. So, given the historical price of potatoes, you know you are buying somethign on sale.

That's what this site does. It looks at what different securities have traded at for the last month and, based solely on that price fluctuation, suggests a "sale" price.

Of course, it's entirely possible that the reason potatoes are on sale is because the quality of potatoes has gone down, so they might not be worth $5/bag. The same is true of securities that trade on the Nasdaq and NYSE. A company's stock might be "on sale," but the reason is that the company just announced huge losses for the quarter.

Purpose In Pricing

If you're ready to buy and know what you want to buy, the ox does the heavy numerical evaluation and suggests a price to buy. Or, if you are interested in selling in the near-future – not *immediately* but the near future – then the ox gives you a price to sell. This is primarily for long-term investors who care less about an order filling fast than they do about an order filling at a good price.

This is even more useful for those who trade Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF's) and Index Funds because pools of equity or debt (stocks are bonds) are less likely to experience the wild swings of individual stocks. Prices suggestions for individual stocks and bonds are *still* incredibly relevant based on their historical prices, but the price suggestions are not based on any recent news or activity surrounding the security.

This Site Is Not, I Repeat, *NOT* Financial Advice

We're just people who happen to focus on long-term trading of ETF's ourselves, and we simply got tired of going to finance websites and looking at graphs, or copying historical price data, pasting it, and computing the numbers. So, we built this webapp for ourselves, and you found it. Some of us look up a price, enter a limit order, and let it ride—"good until canceled". Some of us look up prices before the market opens daily and put in limit orders that are good for only one day.

If you want to get a hold of us, you can email stoxox.com [at] gmail.com